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Aim and eligibility 

This award is aimed at students who are working towards or have recently completed a non-research university degree. It highlights the methodological rigour of the research, as well as the ability to link research and practice. It is open to: 

1. Undergraduate and non-research postgraduate students who are enrolled in universities offering accredited RTPI courses;  

2. Everyone who completed an undergraduate or a non-research postgraduate course in universities offering accredited RTPI courses between April 2023 and April 2024; 

3. RTPI members  who completed or are enrolled in an undergraduate or non-research postgraduate course between April 2023 and April 2024, regardless of their academic affiliation.  

Only planning research submitted (for dissertations and theses) or first published (for any other piece of research) between April 2023 and April 2024 (inclusive) is eligible for entry. 

Judging criteria 

Entries to this category will be judged on the strength of the publication submitted. Entrants should use the ‘research summary’ section of the submission portal to draw the judges’ attention to these criteria. 

  1. Relevance: addresses issues and themes of current concern and relevance to spatial planning. 
  2. Robustness & methodology: evidence of a robust understanding of the current state of knowledge, and sound methodological reflection leading to the choice of an appropriate methodology and methods, an understanding of the theoretical stakes, critical thinking and a structured analysis.  
  3. Outcomes: clearly presented results that respond to the research question and contribute to the better understanding of the subject.