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Congratulations to all the finalists at the RTPI Awards for Research Excellence 2023. You can see all finalists below:

Early Career Researcher Award

Dongsheng He, The University of Hong Kong

The effects of metro interventions on physical activity and walking among older adults: A natural experiment in Hong Kong

Dr. Si Qiao, The University of Hong Kong

Who are the gig workers? Evidence from mapping the residential locations of ride-hailing drivers by a big data approach

Dr. Rachel Valbrun, University College London

Land, disasters, and built-environment professionals: Examining urban design for post-disaster reconstruction

Robert Wade, Queen's University Belfast

Reclaiming the Windy Commons: Landownership, Wind Rights, and the Assetization of Renewable Resources

Planning Practitioner Award

Kim Power and Sara Candiracci, Arup, UNDP and University of Liverpool

Cities Alive: Designing Cities that Work for Women

Christopher Schiele and Catriona Fraser, Turley

Turley - Co-Location Report 2023

Martin Taylor, Lichfields

Banking on brownfield

Louise Thomas and Geoff Noble, Historic Towns and Villages Forum and the Alliance of Historic Cathedrals and Towns, and Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners

Towards a Better Balance Between Heritage and Growth

Student Award

Danielle Brooke, Anglia Ruskin University

An index to evaluate public green spaces: The case of Fenland in Cambridgeshire

Laura Hemsley, Jacobs

The effectiveness of strategic planning arrangements in mineral planning

Sin Yu Ashley Ng, The University of Hong Kong

Outdoor thermal environment of open space in public housing in Hong Kong

Ka Lai Tsang, The University of Hong Kong

Re-examination and Optimisation of Green Infrastructure Quality: creating heat resilient neighbourhood in a high density city

The Sir Peter Hall Award for Excellence in Research and Engagement

Prof. Claudia Carter and Mr. Simeon Shtebunaev, Birmingham City University

Climania - The Climate Action Game: Engaging youngsters and communities in sustainable built environment planning

Prof. Nick Gallent, UCL with Dr Phoebe Stirling and Dr Iqbal Hamiduddin, UCL & Dr Meiling Wu, Singapore Management University

Village Housing: Constraints and Opportunities in Rural England

Dr. Matluba Khan, Dr Tom Smith, Dr Neil Harris, and Shoruk Nekeb, Cardiff University

A Grangetown to grow up in: Children and young people's plan for Grangetown, Cardiff

Dr. Pablo Sendra, UCL

The Ethics of Co-Design

Dr. Yiyang Yang and Dr. Chao Ren, University of Hong Kong

Moderation effect of visible urban greenery on the association between neighbourhood deprivation and subjective well-being