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The EP-APC is a direct route to becoming a Chartered Town Planner for planners with extensive experience.

The EP-APC provides a way for experienced planners, including those who gained qualifications and experience outside the UK, to become Chartered Town Planners. Built environment professionals who have been working in and alongside planners for an extended period – such as architects and surveyors – may also be able to apply through this route.


To be eligible to submit your EP-APC application:

  • You must have a minimum of 5-10 years' professional planning experience (full-time equivalent). The exact amount required varies according to your educational background and qualification, as shown below.
  • All this experience must be gained after the relevant qualification was obtained.

Educational background

a. Planning degree (fully or partially RTPI accredited) - experience required 5 years
b. Planning degree (non-RTPI accredited) - experience required 5 years
c. Non-planning degree - experience required 6 years
d. RTPI Town Planning Technical Support Apprenticeship - experience required 6 years
e. Other - experience required 10 years

What is the EP-APC?

EP-APC candidates must prepare a 7,000 word written submission (+/-10%) demonstrating their experience and how they have developed their competence. There are three parts to the submission:

  • Practical Experience Statement
  • Professional Competence Statement
  • Professional Development Plan

Download the main guidance from our Resource Centre.


There is a £290 assessment fee payable at the time of application. If you are required to resubmit, there is an additional charge of £30-£40 per section (maximum 3 sections). Fees can be paid online or by cheque and are non-refundable.