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Place making is another way to describe town planning.  It also links to sustainability. You can use town planning in schools to teach most subjects and key skills. We have curriculum materials to use in primary and secondary schools or for revision.

Our About Planning guide also gives you and your students an introduction to the world of planning.

Town planning and place making covers how:

  • we use land and building in towns, cities and the countryside
  • people live and work in them
  • we decide where homes, jobs, shops and facilities should go

Town planning topics can also help introduce questions about the environment and decision making, debating, written and verbal reasoning skills.

Town planning subjects

  • Geography
  • Citizenship
  • History
  • Art and Design
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Science
  • Tutor time
  • Skills based sessions

Find out more

We have information about what a town planner does and different career options.

Please also think about using town planners in the classroom.  You can Request an RTPI Ambassador as they can help you:

  • Make the curriculum relate to real life projects or jobs
  • Help students to gain skills that can help them in their studies
  • Raise expectations for students for jobs in planning and the built environment

And finally think about using these external case studies on sustainability: