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RTPI Committees

Policy Practice and Research Committee

Tom Venables, Chair /Lindsey Richards , Vice Chair (RTPI officer Richard Blyth)

The Policy Practice and Research Committee oversees the Institute's work on promoting planning on the national stage. It provides an input into policy discussions at a national level which affect planning and it seeks out and promotes good planning practice.

2019 Meeting dates: Tuesday 29 October

2020 Meeting dates: Tuesday 24 March, Tuesday 18 June, Tuesday 27 October

Education and Lifelong Learning Committee

Stefano Smith, Chair / Kim Cooper, Vice Chair (RTPI officer Andrew Close)

The Education and Lifelong Learning Committee leads the work of the RTPI on all aspects of education and lifelong learning. This includes: accreditation of planning schools; monitoring of members CPD; community education; policy matters relating to education, training and qualifications.

2019 Meeting dates: Tuesday 10 December

2020 Meeting dates: Tuesday 10 March, Tuesday 25 June, Thursday 8 October.

Membership and Ethics Committee

Meeta Kaur, Chair / Nick Baker, Vice Chair (RTPI officer Martine Koch)

The Membership and Ethics Committee leads the work of the RTPI on all forms of professional, technical and non-professional association with the Institute, including classes of membership and the criteria for admission to each class.

MEC Terms of reference

2019 Meeting dates: Thursday 5 December

2020 Meeting dates: Tuesday 31 March, Wednesday 22 July, Wednesday 28 October

International Committee

Janet Askew, Chair / Lucy Seymour-Bowdery, Vice Chair (RTPI officer Michele Vianello)

The RTPI International Committee works to develop and strengthen the Institutes international links and reputation. It monitors all areas of Institute activity linked to planning outside the British Isles, guides and shapes the Institute's activities in the international planning organisations to which it belongs and fosters good relations with planning organisations in other countries.

Terms of Reference

2019 Meeting dates: Wednesday 9 October

2020 Meeting dates: Wednesday 18 March, Tuesday 7 July, Wednesday 7 October

Nations and Regions Panel

Wei Yang, Chair / Rebecca Dewey, Vice Chair (RTPI officer Sarah Woodford)

The Nations and Regions Panel brings together representatives from across the UK to discuss operational, policy and membership issues relating to the RTPI Nations and Regions.

2019 Meeting dates: Tuesday 8 October

2020 Meeting dates: Tuesday 17 March, Tuesday 23 June, Tuesday 6 October

Nominations Sub-committee

Lucy Seymour-Bowdery, Chair / Laura Archer, Vice Chair (RTPI officer Sukhpreet Bhatia)

The Nominations Sub-committee takes delegated responsibility on behalf of the Board for scrutinising member applications for nomination to external bodies, co-option to the Board of Trustees, General Assembly and standing committees. The Sub-committee also considers applications for Fellowship of the Institute, Honorary Membership, the RTPI Gold Medal and Outstanding Service Awards.

Terms of reference

2019 Meeting dates: Wednesday 30 October

2020 Meeting dates: Wednesday 26 February, Wednesday 20 May, Thursday 2 September, Wednesday 4 November

Audit Committee

Bob Chilton, Chair / John Powell, Vice Chair (RTPI officer Jacqueline Rees)

The Committee reviews the overall financial position of RTPI including the adequacy of reserves and overall trading position, the consistency of and any changes to accounting policies and practices, and whether the appropriate accounting standards have been followed. The Committee also reviews cheque signatory limits, the audit management letter and the Institute's response to the auditors' findings and recommendations, the Institute's risk management systems and reporting, and delegation and responsibility for budgets and internal controls including expenditure approval.

Terms of reference

2019 Meeting dates: Thursday 3 November

2020 Meeting dates: Tuesday 21 April, Wednesday 15 July, Wednesday 11 November

Major Projects Scrutiny Sub-Committee

Nicki Alvey, Chair / Andrew Taylor, Vice Chair (RTPI officer Richard Patrick)

The Sub-Commitee provides oversight and scrutiny for all RTPI activities related to the procurement and tendering procedures.  The performance of major and/or sensitive commercial contracts.  The performance of RTPI's trading activities and material contracts for the provision of services.  The collaboration of agreements where the financial  or reputational exposure to the Institute is significant.  Any other major project activities of the RTPI that the MPSC Chair deems appropriate to have oversight or scrutiny.

Terms of reference

2019 Meeting dates: Wednesday 13 November

2020 Meeting dates: Wednesday 15 January, Wednesday 11 March, Wednesday 6 May, Wednesday 1 July, Wednesday 9 September, Thursday 12 November


England Policy Panel

Rob Krzyszowski, Chair  (RTPI officer Max Tolley)

The England Policy Panel oversees the Institute's work on England policy.  It provides an input into the Institute's response to consultations impacting on planning policy in England from government departments such as the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and a range of other agencies as necessary.

2020 Meeting dates: to be confirmed