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The Board of Trustees is responsible for the management of the affairs of the Institute and promoting its objectives. The Board overseas four of the RTPI's key strategic committees including the Audit Committee, Finance Committee, Nomination Subcommittee and Appointments & Remuneration Committee as well as other standing committees and panels. The members are also the charity trustees of the RTPI, which is a registered charity.

The Board of Trustees is composed of the Honorary Officers of the Institute, eight members elected by the General Assembly and one member elected from the Regions and Nations representatives on the General Assembly.

Honorary Officers

Susan Bridge FRTPI

Immediate Past President

Richard Max LARTPI

Honorary Secretary & Solicitor

Presidential Team

Susan Bridge FRTPI

Immediate Past President

Lindsey Richards FRTPI


Helen Fadipe MRTPI

Vice President 2024


Meeta Kaur MRTPI

Chair of the Board

Stefano Smith, FRTPI FRSA

Nations Trustee

Tony Crook FRTPI

Emeritus Professor of Town & Regional Planning / RTPI Board Member

Elle Cass MRTPI

Chartered Trustee

Samer Bagaeen MRTPI

Chartered Trustee

Simeon Shtebunaev

Young Planner Trustee

Nicola Linihan MRTPI

Chartered Trustee

Robbie Calvert MRTPI

Chartered Trustee

Jack Glonek MRTPI

Trustee (Finance)

Andrew Taylor FRTPI

English Regions Trustee