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The Membership and Ethics Committee

  • takes delegated responsibility on behalf of the RTPI Board of Trustees for managing entry to membership, growing and retaining existing membership and maintaining professional standards, ethics and discipline.


Terms of reference


Committee dates for 2024:

Thursday 7th March

Wednesday 22nd May

Tuesday 17th September

Thursday 14th November

Committee members for 2024

Nick Baker (Chair)

Nicky Linihan (Vice-Chair)

Alison Blom-Cooper

Ashley Baldwin

Richard Boyt

James Wickham

Kieron Hyams

Emma Watkins

Lauren Whitworth

Lucy Seymour-Bowdery

Paul Leeming

Sarah Henderson

John Scott

Lisa Kirby-Hawkes

Olivia Pemberton


How to join?

Members will be asked to express an interest in serving on a RTPI Standing Committee for 2024 between Wednesday 11 October and Monday 13 November 2023.