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RTPI Research Programme 2019-2021

From January 2017 to September 2018 the RTPI led an extensive engagement exercise on the future of its research programme. The goal was to inform our research strategy; to define the aims and principles of our research, and to establish the focus of future research projects.

As an institute in charge of delivering, commissioning and linking different types of planning research together, we are in a key position to help address both perennial and new planning challenges. Our new research programme defines our ethos and articulates our vision for the next three years. It covers:

  • the objectives and principles guiding our research
  • the main topics we will investigate, and
  • the projects we will work on in 2019.

Download the RTPI's Research Programme for 2019-21

The 2019-21 RTPI Research Programme aims to address the needs of the various stakeholders involved in advancing knowledge or enhancing the design and implementation of planning research.

At the heart of this, is an objective to strengthen a three way collaboration between planning professionals, academics and policy-makers to help each group learn from one another. This paper sets out our position on how this can be achieved.

Read our position paper: Clearing a path between planners, planning policy and academics 

Finally, we hope the findings of our consultation can be a resource for the planning profession and help direct the research activities of practitioners, research institutes, academics, and funding bodies in the UK and abroad.

To this end we have published the full findings from our consultation as a separate document.

Read the key findings from the consultation: An Agenda for Planning Research

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