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CeMi Project: Cemeteries and Crematoria as public spaces of belonging in Europe

Institutions: The University of the West of England, University College London, and the University of Reading

Thinking strategically about death and bodily disposal is important for our towns and cities as sustainable and inclusive places. This is core to the work of planners.

This project looks at cemeteries and crematoria ‘gardens’ as public spaces of social inclusion, exclusion and integration. This is important in terms of making places which are inclusive for everyone throughout the whole life cycle.

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The Island Crematorium, Cork Ireland (Credit Danielle House)

The project focuses particularly on migrant and established minority experience, needs and provision, and how these intersect with established practices in the North West of Europe.

The project expands previous work in England and Wales to look into a broader European context. The project draws on a wider range of experiences to promote debate and best practice.

This work builds on our Deathscapes and diversity: Making space for death and remembrance in multicultural England and Wales which was also supported by the RTPI. Some of the outputs listed below are from this first project but relevant to the theme and issues raised in both.