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RTPI’s 'Great Debate' report highlights the most pressing issues facing planning today

The RTPI has released its 'Great Debate' report, which looks at the most pressing issues facing planning today.

The report, which is a summary of the debates held by the General Assembly of the Institute throughout 2023, features discussions on strategic planning, digital planning and artificial intelligence (AI), the future of the green belt, and how the profession can self-promote to reduce abuse and harassment.

The Great Debate series was established by Sue Bridge during her tenure as the President of RTPI in 2023. It aimed to give the General Assembly, which includes practitioners and experts from across the profession, some of the knottiest or most pressing issues facing planning today to debate and establish a way to tackle them.

The report also highlights some steps and activities that have already begun, such as the 'It Takes Planners &' campaign, which has reached more than half a million people.

Sue Bridge FRTPI, President of the RTPI in 2023, said, “I would also like to thank the experts who joined the panel discussions and prompted our vigorous debates. It was truly inspiring to see planners talking planning so constructively. 

“I hope that the information contained in these pages will spark further work and thought from across the membership and possibly encourage more people to put themselves forward for the General Assembly. It truly is a rewarding experience, the General Assembly can and does make a difference to the Institute.”

The members of the General Assembly come from the public and private sector in equal amounts and make up approximately 75% of those working in planning in the UK. As a group, they have countless years of combined experience and knowledge across every sector of the profession.

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