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RTPI highlights importance of General Election in addressing housing crisis and planning system

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) has emphasised the importance of the upcoming General Election in addressing the housing crisis and improving the planning system.

With the release of the 'Planifesto 2024' last year, the RTPI outlined key priorities for political parties, urging them to support planners and unleash the economic, social, and environmental potential of planning in the UK.

Victoria Hills, Chief Executive of the RTPI said, “Politicians have placed the housing crisis and the planning system at the centre of the upcoming General Elections. I believe it will be a crucial turning point for the politics and policies that planning professionals work under.

“Last year, we explicitly outlined what we want to see from politicians as we approach the General Election in our 'Planifesto 2024’, calling on political parties to support planners and realise the economic, social, and environmental potential of planning.

“We have advocated for increased funding to councils to allow them to provide top-quality planning services. We also believe that it's important to clearly outline where manifesto promises will be delivered, strengthen local plans to empower communities, work with local leaders to avoid piecemeal development, and create plans aimed at achieving net-zero emissions.

“It will be necessary to take these ambitious steps if we’re going to improve our cost of living, create better pathways to homeownership, and drive the economic and environmental transformations promised by parties across the political spectrum.

“As the largest professional body for town planners in the UK, we are working to ensure that the voice of our members is heard and will advocate on behalf of our members to shape the future of planning in the country.”

The RTPI’s Campaigning and Political Activity Policy provides practical advice for members follow to manage the risks of any campaigning or political activity, seek advice, notify the right people and understand other personal or professional rules that may apply. To find out more, visit the RTPI’s Volunteers Hub.

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