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RTPI responds to recent criticism of planners in the national press

Lindsey Richards is the President of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI).

Rohan Silva has provided an unjust and inaccurate representation of our planning system, and our public and private sector planners (Our corrupt planning system needs rebuilding July 8).

As the professional body representing the vast majority of planners across the country, we do not recognise his characterisation of the profession. Planning officers inform decisions that politicians make and scrutinise applications in accordance with policy set by their council and by national government.

There is good reason to believe that chronic underfunding of planning services, stagnant wages and the politicisation of our planning system has led more planners to the private sector rather than ‘sleaze’.

The planners who remain in public service are dedicated to the common good and our members must adhere to a strict code of professional conduct, upholding the highest ethical standards. 

The new chancellor has recently identified planning as a foundation for economic growth and our members stand ready to deliver on this mission within systems that are set by the government of the day.  

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