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Planners encourage ‘honest dialogue’ on net zero and their role in it

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced changes to the UK's climate change plan, placing the work of planners and the role of spatial planning at the heart of new goals to meet net zero.

Victoria Hills, Chief Executive of the Royal Town Planning Institute said: “Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced a goal of setting out a spatial plan for energy infrastructure, which we believe will be vital to achieving our net zero ambitions, protecting our energy security and driving economic growth at scale.

“Understanding of the importance of spatial planning is positive, and we must ensure we are seeing the same recognition when it comes to all other aspects of policy such as transport, housing and the environment. Today’s report of the HoL Built Environment Committee drew attention to the importance of building evidence and capacity in planning for the environment.

“We know that planners will play a key role in meeting climate goals by creating the right incentives to move the country towards net zero, and will continue to engage with government to ensure a sustainable future, where planning plays a central role. We’ll soon launch our ‘Planifesto 2024’, calling on political parties to explain where manifesto promises will be delivered.

“We’re urging parties to engage with the planning profession early in their general election preparations to ensure that every community has access to the homes, infrastructure, and support they need to prosper.”

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