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Working in the UK - information for planners and employers

Navigating immigration rules to work as a town planner in the UK may feel a little daunting. However employers can really benefit from the skills and experience town planners looking to work in the UK could bring.

That’s why we’ve compiled some handy information for professionals looking to work in the UK, and employers looking to recruit them. The Government’s definition of Town Planning Officers includes local government planning officers, town planners and town planning consultants.

Currently, planners can gain the right to work in the UK through the Skilled Worker Route. Town planning is recognised by the Home Office as a “skilled profession”, making town planners eligible to gain a skilled worker visa and work in the UK for a number of years.

Our new guidance explains the requirements in more detail, covering everything from the points-based system to the need for an employer sponsor. The guidance also provides useful information for employers looking to hire from abroad including information on visa sponsors.

Richard Blyth FRTPI, Head of Head of Policy Practice & Research, said: “There are some excellent town planners looking to the work in the UK, but it’s not surprising some may feel intimidated by the process they need to go through to gain employment here. Conversely there are also UK employers looking to fill a skills shortage who may be reluctant to navigate a system they may not fully understand.

“That’s why today we are publishing this new guidance. We also intend to launch a survey in this Thursday’s Members’ Bulletin to gain a better insight into employer and employee experiences of navigating the current system.”






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