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APC Review Survey receives strong response

The RTPI is undertaking a review of the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) which provides various routes into membership. The purpose of this review is to identify if there are any issues with the current APC arrangements and to consider potential changes to the process, guidance, and assessment model. An APC Review Group comprising a cross-section of Members, including recent candidates, employers from both the public and private sectors and APC Assessors, was established at the end of 2022.

Representatives from the APC Review Group felt it was important to reach out to a range of members and other stakeholders via a survey, to gain view and opinions from those who have an interest in or experience of the assessment.  Our APC Review Survey, launched on 14 April 2023 was sent to large consultancies, small consultancies, current APC assessors, public sector workers, recently elected Chartered and Associate members as well as current Licentiate members – over 11,000 recipients in total.

The survey closed on 10 May and we had 690 replies. The response was bigger than expected and it is pleasing that so many people were interested in the review. An external agency has been supporting us with the analysis of the survey results and their report has just been received. It will be carefully considered by the Working Group alongside the full results over the coming weeks.

We are using the results and key themes arising to inform discussions what will be required of candidates, how APC candidates might be assessed and how the RTPI can support APC candidates and their employers.

A final report informed by the findings of the survey will be produced by the Review Group, it will identify potential issues with the current APC process and suggest possible solutions. The final report will be shared with our Membership & Ethics Committee as well as our Membership Assessment Advisory Panel in September this year. They will discuss suggested changes to the APC process, guidance and support offered. There will be no imminent changes to the current APC processes that were introduced in June 2019 and May 2020. Any changes to the guidance are not expected to affect submissions made before 2025. 

The Membership Team at the RTPI and the Working Group wanted to thank all those who completed the survey. It is much appreciated and helpful to hear from a wide range of stakeholders with different experiences and opinions of the APC, as we consider potential suggested improvements to the APC.

“We are grateful to members who took time to reply to the survey and very pleased with the level of response, which reflects the high level of interest in, and engagement with, the APC process. The Working Group will be carefully considering all the replies and comments received, before reporting to the Membership and Ethics Committee with any recommendations in the autumn.”

Nick Baker, Chair of the APC Review Working Group and the Membership and Ethics Committee.


The RTPI are dedicated to improving all our processes, including our assessment, and shall continue to communicate with our members as a way of reviewing these.

Have you completed the APC process or are currently working on your submission? What are your reflections on the APC process? Let us know at [email protected]

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