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RTPI reopens London headquarters

In 2021, the Board of Trustees agreed to make a significant investment into the RTPI’s London headquarters in Botolph Lane. Since then, we've been busy with renovations. The final phase of the programme has now been completed, and the RTPI’s HQ has officially re-opened.

We’re proud of the steps we’ve taken to make the Botolph Lane office more energy efficient – taking our efficiency rating up to a B – and more accessible for everyone.  

That’s why a new shopfront and a bigger lift car have been fitted to accommodate wheelchair users; double-glazed partitions around meeting rooms have been fitted to manage the acoustics and control noise within the working environments – particularly important for those with neurodivergent conditions; and high-contrast colours in the accessible toilets have been included to aid those with visual impairments.

What this means for members

While this project will provide an improved workspace for staff, the Institute has also created a ‘touch down’ space exclusively for RTPI members. This comfortable space offers free refreshments and WIFI so you can take advantage of our central location whenever you find yourself in the capital.

Simply call the RTPI’s front desk on 0370 774 9494 to book ahead or drop in next time you’re in London to relax in your dedicated member space.

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