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Planning Research Matters (RTPI launches external research series)

As your institute we’re passionate about producing high quality research globally to promote planning in the long-term public interest. But we’re not the only ones producing research that’s influencing the planning narrative.

RTPI accredited planning schools from around the world are producing inspiring and thought leading content. Content that’s not only informing and educating planning professionals, but also those working in a multitude of interlinked professions across the public, private and third sectors. That’s why our Policy, Practice and Research Committee thought it would be a good idea to highlight the opportunity to collate and promote exceptional research from our accredited schools.

Janet Askew, Chair of the Committee, said: “RTPI accredited planning schools have a strong track record of producing outstanding research. That’s why we asked our Institute to look at what could be done to promote it to a wider audience and make it more accessible. I’m delighted that the RTPI’s Research team took on board our suggestion with today’s launch of Planning Research Matters.”

As an Institute, we understand the importance of showcasing impartial and thought-provoking research papers on a vast array of topics that tackle the challenges we are facing as a society.

In the next couple of months, we will launch a dedicated hub on the website to accompany this series, but in the meantime you will be able to access all content right here.

Each month we will have a dedicated theme and January’s is resilience and adaptation planning - a topical theme given the increasing climate unpredictability. This month’s exceptional research looks at how climate adaptations by local communities could help mitigate the impact of flooding, as well as an ambitious project looking at how sustainable development can be used to decrease energy demand and contribute to achieving ambitious city level climate action plans. We've also got an interesting research piece on coastal urban regeneration. 

Jenny Divine, Research Officer at the RTPI, has been leading on the project and has worked closely with academics at our accredited schools. “I’m delighted to launch today the first series of research projects, which focus on resilience and adaptation planning. We hope that this research series will trigger a wider debate on how planning professionals, communities and people can come together to produce outcomes that will benefit us all.”

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