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RTPI highlights work of international members with ‘Planning is Global’

In a new report released today, the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) highlights the work of its many members working outside of the borders of the UK and Ireland, shining a light on their expertise to ensure they receive the recognition that they deserve.

“As a well-respected global professional body for planners, we want to take a moment to celebrate the important contribution that our members make around the world,” said RTPI Chief Executive Victoria Hills.

Expertise, experience and reputation of town planning in the UK and Ireland is recognised globally, but Hills believes more could be done to highlight its important contribution to global exports.

Currently, the export value of planning to the UK economy isn’t individually collected, but rather included with architectural services. Research from the RTPI suggests that planning brings in millions to the UK and has the potential to have a much larger impact if the passion and expertise of consultancies both large and small were showcased as one key export alongside higher education, the creative industries and finance.

“My hope is that the examples included in these pages will be the start of that process, said Hills. “However, it is not all about economics. What these examples highlight is the tireless efforts that our members go to, to help improve the lives of people throughout the world, providing the place-based solutions that allow healthy happy communities to realise their full potential.”

Case studies that make up the new Planning is Global report showcase the positive impact RTPI members are having across the world, from Atkins in Kenya, to Jacobs and URBAN Silence in Oman, RPS Australia East Pty Ltd in Australia and Arup in Peru.

Immediate President of the RTPI Wei Yang expressed her pride in presenting the case studies on show in the new report. “The knowledge of our members and the teams within which they work proves to me that no matter the location, the UK’s planning expertise can improve the lives of countless people and begin to realise place-based solutions for societies throughout the world,” said Yang.

It is the hope of the RTPI that Planning is Global can illustrate how the Planning Profession has contributed to the UK Government’s ambitious export strategies, and will be a key step in helping the UK Government further recognise the value of the Planning Profession as an export, while also highlighting the positive impact its members have in a global context.

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