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RTPI Scotland responds to parliamentary call for evidence on the draft NPF4

RTPI Scotland has told the Scottish Parliament that there is a need for each and every policy in the next National Planning Framework to be clear and certain to make sure that future development supports ambitions on zero carbon and a green recovery.    

In its submission to the Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee’s call for evidence on the draft National Planning Framework 4, the Institute outlined how its policies must provide the utmost clarity for those submitting planning applications, and, for those who will be using the framework to inform decisions they make on development proposals.

RTPI Scotland Convenor Andrew Trigger said “We are broadly supportive of the new direction of travel; are pleased to see the strong commitment to tackling the climate crisis, and the importance being attached to place based approaches, especially by embedding the 20-minute neighbourhood approach and having a stronger presumption against out-of-town retail. This means that we have to change how we design and live in our communities, particularly our towns and cities. Given this the new Framework needs to give planners and councillors the confidence to make decisions which may often be difficult, especially as it will form part of the statutory development plan and will be used to determine planning applications.”

He also said “Whilst we commend the ambition of the draft NPF4 it includes a number of new additional duties which will place a significant cumulative resource burden on planning authorities and other stakeholders. We await publication of the delivery plan and monitoring programme, which we hope will provide a clear framework for all stakeholders to engage with. As a part of this delivery plan and monitoring programme we have called for a comprehensive resource and skills strategy.”

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