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Office refurbishment update

Last year the Board of Trustees agreed to make a significant investment into the RTPI’s headquarters in Botolph Lane. Since then, we’ve been busy with the renovations and the first phase of the programme has been completed.

We have already stripped out all mechanical and engineering fixtures, partition walls and floor coverings in the building and got an opportunity to see the full condition of the structure.

Given the age of the original building, and the fact that the conversion to offices was done in the 1970s when building regulations and standards were different from today’s, there was some concern that the strip out might reveal structural issues that would require rectification.

Thankfully no significant defects were found but several other issues were identified including around the need to make sure the building is compliant with current regulations. Our Trustees have agreed additional funding to address these points. This includes providing a fire roller shutter and additional fire partition, rebuilding the risers to meet fire safety standards, providing disabled refuge call points, the removal of a small amount of asbestos and replacing a leaking cold-water tank.

In addition to these essential improvements and upgrades our Trustees also committed additional funding for a bike staircase and storage rack, a new shopfront, an improved lighting design and a new balustrade for the main staircase. This is because they are keen to ensure a high-quality design and finish that reflects the RTPI’s brand.

We are also fully committed to improving the building’s accessibility. For example, we are working to provide a bigger lift car which will accommodate someone using a wheelchair, within the constraints of the existing lift shaft. We will also be installing double glazed partitions around meeting rooms for confidentiality and to manage the acoustics, as controlling noise within the working environment is particularly important for those with neurodivergent conditions. We also plan on using high-contrast colours in the accessible toilets to make them easier to use by someone with a visual impairment.

Now that the scope of works and budget have been agreed and the final designs have been approved by the Programme Board, we are now finalising the contract with the contractor so the main phase of works can commence.

We will continue to provide further updates as the project progresses and these can be seen on our dedicated webpage


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