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Royal Town Planning Institute to achieve net zero emissions by 2025

Today, RTPI immediate past president and Board of Trustees climate action champion Ian Tant MRTPI announced the RTPI’s aim to be the world’s first “net zero” membership body by reducing its own net carbon emissions to zero by 2025, at the Wales Planner Live Online Conference.  

Ian Tant says:

“For many years, planners around the world have been leading the way in providing solutions to tackle climate change. The RTPI in its ‘Plan the World We Need’ report and campaign argues that planners should be supported to ensure that our infrastructure and our towns, cities and rural environments work harder to reach the vital carbon net zero goals set by our Governments.  

“As the largest Institute for professional planners, the RTPI is now “walking the walk”, setting ourselves the ambitious target of becoming fully carbon net zero by 2025 – we believe we will be the first membership organisation to achieve this.  

 “The actions included in the Institute’s Climate Action Plan are based on a thorough-going assessment of the Institute’s carbon footprint in 2019 and include switching to green energy providers and requiring that our suppliers to join with us in reducing carbon emissions. Savings in travel are an important part of the Plan: we will be looking to adapt our offices and working practices to reduce the need for staff, members and visitors to travel in order to attend meetings and events and conduct institute business. And we’ll be looking to offset unavoidable carbon emissions in the course of the Institute’s work.

 “This is an exciting step and forms a key part of the RTPI's visionary Corporate Strategy 2020, underlining our commitment to the thought-leadership of the planning profession in tackling climate change."

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