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Mental health and wellbeing has been in the spotlight more then ever before since the onset of the pandemic. So whether you're looking for tips around home working during the pandemic, advice on keeping fit, or some help around empowering you to understand your mental health, take a look at some of these handy resources.

Resources for you

  • This helpful website from the NHS has some great tips to improve your mental wellbeing as well as a quiz. 
  • Stay sane with these handy six tips for working from home.
  • Mental health support at work is now available through Able Futures, a Government funded organisation. 
  • Read this helpful advice from Mind on keeping active 
  • Stressed about money - if you're working from home you might be able to claim tax relief
  • If you're constantly rushing through life pause for a minute to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. This awareness is known as mindfulness. There are some great apps available to help you with this - just search for 'mindfulness' on your app store. 
  • Protecting our mental health is easier than you might think. We can all do it, every day
    and with simple activities. Here are some tips from the Mental Health Foundation.
  • Do you need further support with your mental health and wellbeing? Then take a look at this handy directory from everymind at work. 
  • RTPI members also have access to a free health and wellbeing hub. This includes offers, advice and information about important topics such as stress management, diet, fitness and financial wellbeing.