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Why Volunteer?

Becoming actively involved in the RTPI can be beneficial for both you and your employer.

Benefits to you

There's lots to gain from volunteering, both professional and personally. (Volunteer Survey, 2022)

  • 81% of volunteers say that volunteering expands their professional network
  • 80% say volunteering broadens their knowledge of wider planning issues
  • 77% say volunteering has a positive impact on their continued professional development
  • 81% say that they gain a greater sense of belonging to the RTPI
  • 73% say volunteering introduces them to new people, places and areas
  • 68% say volunteering enhances their CV 
By getting involved as a volunteer at the RTPI I have gained new knowledge and skills as well as new connections and an expanded professional network. It has also been good fun and a chance to get a different perspective beyond the day job.

Robyn Skerratt, London Member

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Benefits to your employer

Networking is the obvious benefit but also the ability to ensure professional standards remain high but responsive to pressures on the ground. I see it as an extension of your everyday job.

Andrew Whitaker, Home Builders Federation

As an employer, supporting employees to volunteer for the RTPI can demonstrate their commitment to staff, their development and wellbeing. Your organisation could also benefit professionally from experience gained whilst volunteering. Other significant benefits of supporting employees to volunteer for us include:

  • Skills development and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for your employees
  • Increased staff morale, retention and recruitment
  • Raises your company profile
  • Links to customers and opportunities for growth
  • Achieves Corporate Social Responsibility

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Download this leaflet on the benefits to share with your employer.

Benefits to planning

Thanks to your contribution as an active volunteering member we can strengthen our profession's collective voice and promote the profession to a new generation.

Our volunteers are active, engaged members who share our vision for the planning profession and ambitions for the RTPI; and who, through a combination of attitudes, thoughts, behaviours and actions, help to shape the success of the Institute by supporting the delivery of our activities for the benefit of the wider membership, our members’ communities, and the organisation in itself. 
We have set ourselves a clear vision “to be, and promote the planning profession to be, as diverse as the communities it represents, to act inclusively, treating everyone fairly and seeking to provide a culture which delivers the best outcomes for the diverse society in which and for whom we work.” To achieve this, it is vital that we, the RTPI, have diverse representation across our regional and national committees; that the voices and opinions of all our members are heard and can impact our activities.

Victoria Hills MRTPI, FICE, Chief Executive

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