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2024 APC Assessor recruitment is now Live.

APC Assessor Recruitment

If you would like to continue assessing APC submissions for the RTPI, please click here and complete the survey.

If you would like to register your interest in becoming a new APC assessor, please click here and complete the survey.

Please note DA-APC assessors are required to mark a written submission, which is similar to a L-APC submission. DA-APC assessors are not asked to mark the Professional Discussion.

The survey will close on Monday 6th November at 9am.

Apprenticeship Professional Discussion Assessor Recruitment

If you are interested in becoming an Apprenticeship Professional Discussion (APD) assessor, please click here for more details. The Professional Discussion is the 50-minute interview that forms the first part of the End Point Assessment for the Degree Apprenticeship.

If you have any questions please contact the Membership Team on 0370 774 9494 or by email at [email protected].

Assessors play a critical role in shaping the membership of the RTPI and are responsible for assessing the following types of applications:

Chartered via Licentiate Assessment of Professional Competence (L-APC)

Chartered via Associate Assessment of Professional Competence (A-APC)

Chartered via Experienced Practitioner Assessment of Professional Competence (EP-APC)


Legal Associate

Chartered via Degree Apprenticeship Assessment of Professional Competence (DA-APC)

Assessors are involved in one of the key stages of a planner's career, and are central to ensuring that the Institute's high professional standards are maintained. It is vital that assessors carry out assessments in a thorough and professional manner. This ensures that all candidates receive both a consistent standard of assessment and constructive feedback on their submissions.

You can find out what's required in assessing all routes to Chartered membership in our Assessor Handbook.