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Retired Members of the RTPI are exempt from the requirement to maintain their Continuing Professional Development (CPD), this means members are only eligible to transfer to this class of membership if they intend to no longer practice planning or make an income from planning.

Retired Members are unable to provide professional planning advice even in the capacity of a volunteer. Retired Members can give their personal opinion or comment on a local matter in a personal capacity, for example as a parish councillor or member of a trust or charity. If you are providing advice then you should make clear to all parties involved that, as a Retired Member of the RTPI, you are not giving professional advice but you are giving your personal opinion.

Section 2.26 of the RTPI Regulations state that: No Retired Member shall, so long as he or she shall be in such class of membership, engage professionally in town planning.

The Supplementary Regulations of the RTPI Code of Professional Conduct reminds members that Chartered and Non-Chartered members who have retired from practice but who have not transferred to Retired membership remain subject to the CPD requirements of the Code.

If you decide you wish to provide professional advice, then you are able to revert to your Chartered membership class by completing the application form.

The RTPI further requires that any member providing planning services to the public holds professional indemnity insurance (PII) to cover any claims made against them by clients or members of the public. Volunteers who provide planning advice through the RTPI's Planning Aid England service are covered and would not require separate insurance  for this specific work. RTPI members should check with other independent planning aid organisations whether they are covered when they volunteer their services.