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NI Planner Live

Planning Renewal for the Future

Northern Ireland Planner Live provided us with an opportunity to reflect as a profession, as an industry, as a service at a time when we hope the worst of the global pandemic is behind us, we should take stock to reflect on what it has taught us in how we do  things and to reflect on our priorities. The pandemic has accelerated the innovation of tech planning and digitisation of the planning system and the opportunities which this provides. 

We also continue to face the challenges we were facing before the pandemic of climate change and post-Brexit planning.  What role can planning in addressing the challenges society faces in Northern Ireland and how can we best tackle them? NI Planner Live offers a day of discussion and debate on these topics to reflect on positioning the role of planning and the profession. 

Watch the Ministerial Address by Nichola Mallon, MLA Minister for Infrastructure here