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Rhagoriaeth mewn Cynllunio ar gyfer Economi lwyddiannus / Excellence in Planning for a Successful Economy

Enillydd / Winner: Cardiff University Spark|Sbarc submitted by DPP Planning

Cardiff University’s Spark|Sbarc stands as the world's first social science research park, seamlessly blending academic inquiry with commercial innovation over 12,000 square meters. Serving as a dynamic nexus for academia, industry, and entrepreneurship, it houses a multitude of research centres and labs dedicated to advancing knowledge and effecting positive societal change. The building's design, evocative of a stack of books on the exterior and showcasing a central oculus staircase within, epitomises excellence in design, recognised by the Royal Society of Architects in Wales (RSAW) for its achievement in this regard.

The judges said "An excellent development that has created a high-quality building that brings together different organisations working in the social sciences, with good location and an effective use of brownfield land. It demonstrates the strong collaboration between client, planning, design and construction teams and the planning authority linked with consultation and engagement with stakeholders, potential users and community through the design and build phases. Overall an
outstanding development project on all criteria."


Canmoliaeth / Commended: Phase 3, St. Modwen Park Newport Submitted by St. Modwen Logistics and Savills


St. Modwen Logistics' Phase 3 development at St. Modwen Park Newport has delivered four new modern and sustainable employment units to boost Newport's economy, signalling confidence in business growth in the region and creating new jobs. The development of the speculative industrial units includes associated offices, car parking, loading, landscaping and infrastructure with unit sizes ranging from approximately 1,500sqm (17,000sqft) (GIA) up to approximately 4,000sqm (43,000sqft) (GIA). The launch of four new high-quality, sustainable units rated BREEAM “Very Good” have already proven successful with three units let and a further letting imminent in this strategically located industry-leading business park.

The judges said "This project features modern, good quality buildings which are energy efficient and is enabling economic development in the local area, providing employment for local people, with future opportunities for rail connectivity and less reliance on cars"


Rhagoriaeth mewn Cynllunio ar gyfer yr Amgylchedd Naturiol/ Excellence in Planning for the Natural Environment

Enillydd / Winner: Llanwern Solar farm submitted by Lighthouse Development Consulting Ltd

Llanwern solar farm and co-located battery storage is located on a sensitive SSSI site close to an SPA. Its delivery has achieved significant environmental recovery through careful coordination of environmental assessment, implementation of complex environmental management and ongoing environmental monitoring to measure benefits and transfer knowledge to future developments.

The judges said “This project has taken great care to deliver a range of improvements to the natural environment and set up a system whereby the local farmers can easily adapt to the changes needed to deliver the environmental enhancements. This is an excellent example of how to integrate renewable energy infrastructure into a sensitive landscape and deliver enhanced natural environmental benefits. The explanation by the planning consultant on site was excellent and really demonstrated what a high-quality scheme this is, how the planners and design team addressed a complex process, and the benefits the scheme has for the natural environment.”




Rhagoriaeth mewn Arfer Llunio Cynlluniau/ Excellence in Plan Making Practice

Enillydd / Winner: Wrexham Digital Place Plan submitted by Owen Davies Consulting 


The Digital Place Plan produced by Owen Davies Consulting in 2022 for Smart Towns Wales
(a Smart Towns programme funded by Welsh Government) piloted an innovative ‘digital
placemaking’ approach and provided the catalyst for Wrexham becoming the Smartest place
in Wales.

The judges said “An innovative project bringing together planning placemaking with specialised digital knowledge and technology and public and private partners to improve town centre vitality and efficiency. It showed the potential for a digital dimension in mainstream placemaking"