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Measuring What Matters: Planning Outcomes Toolkit

This research considers how local authorities can measure the outcomes of planning.  This means going beyond simple metrics like speed of processing applications and number of housing units delivered and assessing planning in terms of placemaking aspirations and social, economic and environmental value, in order to track and improve the impact of planning.

Building on previous work that has taken place across the nations, the research team reviewed the context and needs of planning jurisdictions across the UK and Ireland, identifying guiding principles, developing a toolkit and then contextualising, testing and refining that toolkit. 

The project has culminated in the development of a report and series of toolkits which can be adapted by local planning authorities across the UK and Ireland to improve their outcome measurement.

The toolkit was tested through pilots in Ireland and Scotland.  Work was also carried out in Wales to produce a toolkit relevant to the Welsh context, linking national wellbeing goals and national sustainable placemaking outcomes, with measuring of planning outcomes.  This work did not extend to pilot testing of the toolkit in Wales.

We would like to thank our Welsh Partner, the Welsh Government and the Planning Officers Society Wales for their support in moving this project forward.

The project was led by a consortium of planning consultancies and academics from around the UK and Ireland, led by Kevin Murray Associates, with support from Cardiff University, the University of Dundee, MacCabe Durney Barnes, and Yellow Book Ltd.

Report, handbook and toolkit 

Click here to download the Measuring What Matters: Planning Outcomes Research Report and appendices

Click here to download the Measuring What Matters: Planning Outcomes Wales Toolkit (excel).

Click here to download the Toolkit Handbook which provides guidance to users of the toolkit.

Click here to access the Welsh context report, which explores how the toolkit could operate in a Wales context.

Visit our RTPI YouTube page to hear the research team behind the RTPI Measuring What Matters: Planning Outcomes Research discuss planning outcomes and the research toolkit.