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World Town Planning Day

On World Town Planning Day, every 8th November, planners and communities come together to celebrate how good planning improves the lives of people and benefits society at large creating places where to live, work and play together.

Argentinian professor Carlos María della Paolera started World Town Planning Day in Buenos Aires in 1949.

Today planners from over 30 countries celebrate planning on World Town Planning Day with lectures, school competitions, fund raising, charity events, planning awards and street festivals.

RTPI's World Town Planning Day

The RTPI Regions and Nations organise events about global and local challenges for planning and communities.

Everyone is invited. Get in touch with your local RTPI Region or Nation and see what is going on.
Organise an event in your local neighbourhood, at your office, university, school etc. Invite planners, residents, students to take part.

If you are a member, we can help you to promote your activities - email and tell us what you are planning to celebrate.