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It will come as no surprise to you that I believe our members have a hugely positive impact on the communities within which they work. What may come as a surprise is the fact that we have members in as many as 80 countries around the world, working on diverse projects and helping to create sustainable and beautiful places.

As one of the most universally recognised professional planning bodies in the world, a membership of RTPI has the power to create a truly global career.

The first edition of the Royal Town Planning Institute’s Planning is Global highlighted a selection of those projects and celebrated the important contribution our members make to the built and natural environment. I am now proud to introduce Planning is Global 2, which is our effort to recognise the individual planners working outside of the UK and Ireland.

These case studies shine a light on the diverse groups of RTPI members working around the world and the benefits they draw from being part of one of the world’s oldest professional planning institutes.

The people in these pages display the professionalism and passion that RTPI membership ensures. They are a snapshot of the high-quality practitioners that I am proud to represent. They also demonstrate the world of opportunities that pursuing a career in planning and joining the RTPI can open up.

You will read not only about the real world impacts these members have had but also the extraordinary experiences they have had along the way.

It is an explicit aim of our international strategy that we should promote the value of our membership internationally and this latest edition of Planning is Global is an attempt to do just that. The strategy also sets out our ambitions to connect planners around the world through internationally focused networks, continue to make the case for planning as a positive force for sustainable development and climate action globally, promote planning knowledge and practice for the greater good, and support our growing numbers of international members.

It is my sincere hope that the examples I present to you here will display not only  the highly professional and passionate planners you can expect when you see the post nominals MRTPI, but also inspire those considering a career in planning to also consider joining the RTPI no matter where they are in the world. With a career in planning, the world really can be your oyster!

Victoria Hills MRTPI FICE
Chief Executive