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The first edition of our ‘Planning is Global’ publication celebrated the important contribution our members make to the built and natural environment internationally. Planning is Global 2 recognised individual planners working outside of the UK and Ireland and shone a light on the diverse groups of RTPI members working around the world and the benefits they draw from being part of one of the world’s largest and most established professional planning institutes.

In this edition, Planning is Global 3, we’ll show how planners around the world are taking on some of the toughest challenges facing humanity today.

You will read about the work that these planners have carried out and how they bring people together to build and enhance knowledge and deliver real-world impacts that are changing lives and ensuring sustainability.

We look at the challenges around the changing world of water, whether it’s river flooding, drought or rising sea levels. We will also look at the solutions that planners are implementing to achieve the UN SDGs. The highlighted projects and initiatives address many of the SDGs, as they seek to secure sustainability both today and for future generations.

These examples highlight the tireless work of our planners in helping to improve the lives of people throughout the world, providing place-based solutions that address the many challenges that water in a changing climate can present. Planners, who place resilience at the forefront of their work, are a rare breed that can look across these multi-sectoral, complex challenges to spot the solutions we need.

The RTPI International Strategy sets out our ambitions to connect planners around the world through internationally focused networks. The strategy makes the case for planning as a positive force for sustainable development and climate action, promote planning knowledge and practice for the greater good, and support our growing numbers of members globally.

What we present here is only a small sample of how planners, our members, and the teams they work with have tackled the world’s water challenges. I would implore you to consider involving RTPI planners in addressing these water challenges. I truly believe they are among the best in the world. I hope you agree.

Victoria Hills MRTPI FICE
Chief Executive