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Previous winners

Click on each box to learn more about previous winners and commended entries. Case studies are included so you can read more about their entry.

Why should you enter the Awards?

Let's hear from our 2023 and 2022 winners:

Bath and North East Somerset Council Planning, RTPI South West Planning Authority of the Year and Best in Region 2023

BaNES Planning Team are a hard working local authority who strive to set the standards for LPA’s locally. The RTPI awards seek to recognise Planning ‘excellence’ and this is something that really resonates with the team ethos at BaNES. At a time when Local authorities are under increasing financial pressure, winning the award for South West Local Planning Authority of the Year was a morale boost that has reinforced and motivated the team’s belief in themselves. It was a real pleasure to be able to evidence the competence of the team to the wider council in this way, and the recognition has also improved relationships externally with agents and customer who view the award with respect.


Hall for Cornwall entered by Burrell Foley Fischer/Cornwall Council – Winner of South West Best Project of the Year and the South West Chair’s Award for Design in 2023

Embarking on a huge refurbishment project is always a leap into the unknown, but Hall for Cornwall benefitted from strong client leadership and support from the Cornish community and a long cast list of funders and stakeholders. In revitalising the listed buildings, BFF were asked to design a theatre that was representative of its location and culture; a space that was open to all, without barriers to attendance or participation. 

Winning the RTPI Awards was a fantastic acknowledgment of the skill of the design team, the support of the local planning authority and the efforts of all those involved in the project. It gave us the opportunity to showcase to a wide audience that even on constrained sites buildings can be refurbished and remodelled to meet contemporary standards and to illustrate how good design and positive proactive planning can contribute to the regeneration of our high streets.


Jonathan Bell, RTPI South West Head Planner of the Year 2022

It was such an honour to be nominated for Head Planner of the Year, and even more so to win the regional award. I am pretty sure any Head Planner receiving such an award would acknowledge that whatever they achieve, they can never achieve it alone, and its always about the team.  I am no different. I have been part of an exceptional team in Plymouth for many years, and I have learnt so much from so many. My philosophy over many years has been to help build the foundations for positive proactive planning, and as with any foundation building, most is out of sight. But if its done well, planning is able to fulfil its potential at the centre of public policy, and planners are able to thrive.  I know many are doing great things in the profession, often behind the scenes, so be encouraged to enter.  This award demonstrates that it doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Jessica Glover, RTPI South West Young Planner of the Year 2022

Winning the South West Young Planner of the Year Award last year was a huge honour which not only massively boosted my confidence in my planning ability, but as a nationally recognised achievement has significantly advanced my career and opened more doors to me. Even in Vancouver where I have recently immigrated to and work as a planner, my employers were impressed by the award at my interview, which gave me an edge over other candidates.

As young planners, we represent the future of planning and celebrating our contributions to the profession not only inspires other young planners but shares the milestones in the progressive work we do both for the planning profession and for the communities we live in. The award process also allowed me to self-reflect on what I had achieved so far both through consulting and volunteering, leading to me now working as a community planner, assisting councils, non-profit organisations and societies to address housing need and provide supportive housing initiatives to combat homelessness, poverty and social inequalities.