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Best Project of the Year - WINNER
Day Treatment Centre, Freeman Hospital submitted by DPP Planning

This submission showcases the Day Treatment Centre (DTC) at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. The DTC is a brand new facility designed to provide day surgeries and reduce waiting times for patients on elective surgical pathways, which were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. DPP were appointed to advise NuTH on their permitted development options for the development of the DTC to enable construction of a new operational facility within a very short timeframe, and to obtain planning permission to retain the building beyond 2022, upon the expiration of the emergency permitted development rights.

Judges' comment
"The facility has great benefit for the community and wider area in reducing waiting times. The attention to detail to the ‘flow’ of patients as they move through the facility and receive treatments was impressive and added to the overall ‘care’ given to the patients. Whilst a clinical space, the degree of light and space within the building was impressive and the use of the limited space upon the site and materials in the facade were also impressive given the less than 40 week design and build period.”

"The site visit highlighted benefits to community and initiative design of building for efficient services to work concurrently with the wider hospital."

Berwick Sports and Leisure Centre submitted by DPP Planning

Berwick Leisure Centre has delivered a high-quality, fully-inclusive leisure destination on a challenging site whilst the existing centre remained open. Genuine and open engagement between DPP and the Local Planning Authority alongside successful collaboration between the design team, client/operator and listening to needs of the local community has resulted in an iconic local landmark building benefitting the health of the community and boosting local tourism spending. The centre has already improved wellbeing of local people and increased participation in sport with 270% more swim visits, 111% more gym visits, 65% increase in class visits and a 66% increase in membership.

Judges' comment
"The project has successfully replaced the outdated centre whilst maintaining existing facilities, deliver a practical yet striking building as a tourist draw, balancing the needs of the community with the constraints of the site.

During the site visit and listening to the presentation provided, it was evident that the scheme had positively responded to public engagement and feedback, with particular regard of the local bowling club. The high quality of the bowling facilities in particular were noted by the judges."

NUCASTLE submitted by Lichfields

As a charity project, NUCASTLE’s goal is delivering over 30 different community programmes to Newcastle’s young people and most challenged communities, focused on improving physical health, supporting mental wellbeing, and increasing employability opportunities. Each week the facility provides 12 sessions for disabled users and a range of health and wellbeing sessions for participants of all ages. In the first three months, more than 30 educational establishments and 3,000 young people attended sessions at the facility.

Judges' comment
"A really inspiring project, placed at the heart of disadvantaged community and designed for that community. The benefits of the scheme for the local community were clear to see. Judges were impressed by the high quality of the building, which provides international standard facilities for use by the local community. The roof top football pitch was particularly outstanding!

NUCASTLE has already proved to be a vital community asset and has been sustainable delivered through good planning practice and effective community engagement."