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Past Participants Testimonials and Blogs
I started as a planner just over 5 years ago and an opportunity came up that I wasn't sure I had all the skills for. Thanks to some advice from Paul, Sam and Tracy on the first of these workshops, I went for the role, and am now a Principal Planning Officer, that has come with a mentoring role for a trainee planner. Absolutely convinced that being on the CPoT programme has advanced my career. Thank you!

Gayle Lister who shadowed Roisin Willmott, RTPI Cymru


Great to spend the day shadowing Jane Meed (Corporate Director of Economic Development at Carlise City Council) and her team.  To be sat within the area you serve and being able to see first-hand the positive changes you have made is something difficult to replicate in marine planning but good to understand the top level challenges and how focussing on people can often de-risk these.

Alastair Welch who shadowed Jane Meed, Carlisle City Council 

I learned a lot and had a great insight into what a day in the office looks like for a chief planner (and from Peter as executive director – which is a huge bonus to the day). It was a real change of environment and planning landscape compared to what I am used to in Suffolk, and it was particularly interesting to hear about the opportunities in the borough as well as the challenges of delivering development in the greenbelt. Given I was only there for a day, they really packed it full of great stuff and I couldn’t recommend them, or the programme, enough.

Bethany Rance who shadowed Peter Geraghy, Hertsmere Council


The day was fantastic spent with Andrew Taylor and Vistry groups as part of the RTPI’s event. It was a very interactive and productive day wherein we discussed about the housing needs and the upcoming housing proposals and policies proposed in the United Kingdom. Really enjoyed every minute of it.  I think everyone should participate in this initiative by RTPI because it is an eye-opener for an individual as a planner as to how a planner's day is. A very good platform for learning and gaining knowledge about the industry.

Anniruddha Kamerkar who visited Andrew Taylor at Vistry Group 


It was quite a long day of meetings, but it was really insightful and great to meet Fiona. She invited me up to Edinburgh to meet them in person later in the year and to hopefully see more of her hands on role in bringing forward the National Planning Framework, which is great.

Victoria Gee, Senior Planning Officer who was hosted (virtually) by Fiona Simpson, Scottish Government


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