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09 October 2024 at 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, The Precincts, Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom, CT1 2EH
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RTPI South East | [email protected]

Infrastructure is a key factor in delivering growth and development and planning for infrastructure plays a vital role in ensure the necessary infrastructure is delivered as and when required. Infrastructure covers an array of sectors and includes projects relating to roads, rail, energy generation, ports, airports, waste, water and networks among others. Infrastructure is often contentious and involves multiple stakeholders with numerous environmental and planning constraints to be considered and weighed in the balance. Infrastructure is dealt with at local and national levels with Local Planning Authorities being responsible for infrastructure up to a certain size, scale and threshold. Above these thresholds the Secretary of State is the determining authority and these projects become Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) and are dealt with through the Planning Act 2008 resulting in a Development Consent Order (DCO).

This event will discuss infrastructure and the planning considerations firstly at a local level during the morning session before discussing key issues when infrastructure is nationally significant in the afternoon. Full details of the day will be confirmed in due course.