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Sustainability and resilience through planning - building adaptability to future challenges

Part of the World Town Planning Day Online Programme
08 November 2023 at 08:30 AM - 09:45 AM / International / National / Scotland / Online

08 November 2023 at 08:30 AM - 09:45 AM
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RTPI Scotland | [email protected]

Please note that this webinar takes place between 08:30 GMT (UTC+0) to 09:45 GMT (UTC+0) so please check this in relation to the time zone you are joining from. 

On World Town Planning Day, on 8 November every year, planners and communities all over the world come together to celebrate how good planning improves the lives of people and benefits society at large, creating places where to live, work and play together.

You are invited to join our special online webinar programme on as part of our pre National Planning Conference programme. There will be three webinars available including:

  • Fostering innovation through planning (details here)
  • Equity and Social Justice through planning (available soon)
  • Sustainability and Resilience through planning (details below)

This webinar focusses on “Sustainability and resilience though planning - building adaptability to future challenges”

Speakers and topics:

Welcome and Introduction

Kirsty Macari MRTPI, 2023 RTPI Scotland Convenor

Planning for change in Scotland – National Planning Framework 4

Dr Fiona Simpson MRTPI, the Scottish Government’s Chief Planner

The Role of Spatial Planning in Strengthening Urban Resilience: the example from Malaysia

Noraida Saludin, President, Malaysian Institute of Planners

Resilience by Default: The case of FESTAC Town, Lagos, Nigeria

Olabisi Sulu-Olumide FNIA, Nigerian Institute of Architects, University of Lagos