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Planning for Water

How can the planning system address water quantity and quality challenges?
19 June 2023 at 09:15 AM - 05:00 PM / South East England / South West England / London / Conference

19 June 2023 at 09:15 AM - 05:00 PM
Centre for Aquatic Environments, University of Brighton, Cockcroft Building, Lewes Road, Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom, BN2 4NU
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RTPI South East | [email protected]

Planning for Water – a joint Royal Town Planning Institute SE / Centre for Aquatic Environments conference

The issue of water management has never been as important to spatial planners, developers and the environment.

Water scarcity, pollution and flooding have all become more significant planning considerations in recent years. The Government is promising to ‘fix’ issues of nutrient overload partly by allowing developers to buy ‘credits’ for creation of new wetlands. Wastewater storage and treatment is going to be accelerated by a Storm Overflows Discharge Reduction Plan and a House of Lords Committee has called for an overarching integrated water strategy. Water scarcity is delaying developments in north Sussex and will be come a more widespread issue as climate change worsens. It is likely that Sustainable Drainage Systems and wetland creation will be given a boost by the removal of the automatic ‘right to connect’ to the public sewer and a greater recognition of the multiple benefits of natural solutions to water resource management.

This important joint RTPI South East / University of Brighton Centre for Aquatic Environments Global Challenges event will bring together planning practitioners, aquatic researchers, regulators and the water industry to outline some of the pressing challenges and propose solutions to water neutrality, water quality, coastal habitat restoration and meeting new environmental targets.

Speakers include, click here for the programme

  • Harry Steele, Infrastructure Lead at the Royal Town Planning Institute
  • James Davies, Sustainable Places Advisor at the Environment Agency
  • Sandra Norva, Future Growth Lead Developer Services, Southern Water
  • Dr Peter Cruddas, University of Portsmouth
  • Simon Kennedy, Environmental Specialist, South Hampshire Councils
  • Susie Howells, The Aquifer Partnership
  • Jo Bradley, Stormwater Shepherds
  • Polly Masters, University of Brighton
  • Laura Archer, Gillings Planning
  • Paul Brewer, Adur and Worthing Councils
  • Peter King, Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust
  • Louise Bardsley, Principal Adviser on Strategic Solutions, Natural England
  • Peter Home, Director, Gillings Planning

At the end of the conference, there will be an optional site visit to a multiple benefit sustainable drainage system, led by Susie Howells. 

Speakers will cover questions such as

  • What is the current state of the water environment and current and future planning challenges?
  • What is the latest research on Nutrient Neutrality and can it be achieved?
  • What is the contribution of multiple benefit sustainable drainage systems to reducing groundwater pollution and how can they be implemented?
  • How can investing in Coastal Wetlands be facilitated and implemented?
  • What are some of the opportunities to address water scarcity and neutrality and what are the benefits to biodiversity?

This will be a conference for students, researchers and academics interested in addressing the current and future challenges of access to adequate and clean water resources. The multi-disciplinary speakers will enable an exchange of knowledge and opportunities for partnership-building.

A discounted rate has been made available for Centre for Aquatic Environments members. Book your place here and contact Suzy Armsden for details of further £20 discount on your ticket.


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