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Manchester Walking & Cycling Infrastructure Safari

Transport and Infrastructure
12 May 2022 at 04:00 PM - 07:00 PM / North West England / Awards and Social

12 May 2022 at 04:00 PM - 07:00 PM
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RTPI North West | [email protected]

With private cars accounting for 18% of the UK's carbon emissions and 200 million trips of under 1km made by car each year in Greater Manchester alone, a shift from driving to cycling can not only help to drastically decarbonise our transport system, but can improve air quality and enhance people's physical and mental health, among many other benefits.

But for cycling to become a viable alternative to the car, it needs above all to feel safe. What does that actually look and feel like for the novice or casual rider? Greater Manchester now features state-of-the-art active travel schemes to see for ourselves.

Nick Hubble – commuter cyclist and founding member of Walk Ride GM – will be our guide for an ‘infrastructure safari’, where we will observe bold and ambitious walking and cycling schemes ‘in the wild’ across the boroughs of Salford, Manchester and – if we’re feeling particularly adventurous – Trafford.

This is not a strenuous ride but will take around 2 hours including stops, so please ensure your cycle is roadworthy and wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident while cycling. If you don’t have access to a cycle, then one option is the Bee Network’s partner cycle hire scheme, operated by Beryl Bikes, which offers e-bike and pedal bike options.

We will finish for refreshments afterwards at a venue TBC to catch up with peers and discuss the issues raised during the ride.