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RTPI/HKIP Young Planners: Planning with Co-creative Minds - Community Experiments and Engagement

30 October 2020 at 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM / National / Online

30 October 2020 at 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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RTPI National Conferences | [email protected]

Registrations for the webinar are now closed. The recording will be available on our YouTube channel next month. Should you still be interested in attending on Friday, please contact [email protected]


This event forms part of the RTPI Online Events 2020 series and is brought to you by RTPI National Events.


As one of the densest cities in the world, Hong Kong has long been appreciated for its compact planning form coupled with efficiency and sustainability. While planners are sparing no effort to meet the compelling needs of society within the established planning institutional mechanism, young planners in Hong Kong also reckon the importance of community engagement as a complementary approach to planning at the local level. Various trials were initiated to understand and co-create responses to the genuine needs and aspirations of the people.

In this webinar, Kate and Jeffrey from the Hong Kong Institute of Planners will share with the audience their project experiences of bottom-up initiatives in Hong Kong in contrasting settings, yet with the same goal to promoting community participation and reimagining the power of co-creation in planning. They will also share how a young planner could position themselves outside the institutional framework and maximize one’s professional planning contribution within such a dynamic engagement exercise.

In the UK it is widely recognised that the meaningful involvement of local people in development leads to the creation of successful places. Our final speaker Gabrielle will share a range of community engagement project experience including those that ensure diversity and inclusion in the process, whilst drawing parallels with the Hong Kong context.


Hong Kong Institute of Planners biography

The Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP) was inaugurated in 1979 and is recognized by all professional local and overseas organizations as the professional body representing the planning profession in Hong Kong. The Institute has a membership of over 700 with the common objectives to promote development and planning in Hong Kong in the best interest of the community; to raise the status and safeguard the interests of the town planning profession; to promote community awareness, education and research in town planning; as well as to promote co-operation with other similar professional bodies.  



Gabrielle Appiah - Project Coordinator, Soundings; RTPI Young Planner

Gabrielle has combined her knowledge and interest in urban planning and her passion for community engagement in her work as a project coordinator in a community consultation and collaborative placemaking organisation. She was recently elected to the RTPI General Assembly where she intends to continue to advocate for greater progress in diversity and inclusion efforts both in the profession and in the places we create.


Kate Kwok - Co-convener for the Community Planning Committee, Hong Kong Institute of Planners

Driven by a passion for people, Kate has been actively involved in community planning and empowerment initiatives since she was a planning student. With 10 years of experience in professional urban planning, transport planning and traffic engineering in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, she is currently the co-convener of the Community Planning Committee of the HKIP.


Jeffrey Wong - Advisor, Hong Kong Public Space Initiative; Steering Committee Member, Walk DVRC

Jeffrey Wong is a registered professional town planner. He has been organising various community engagement and educational programmes to promote the value and importance of town planning and public space to all walks of life. Mr. Wong envisions that in the future public spaces in Hong Kong could evolve into effective platforms for exchanging views and building consensus among members of the community.


Chair: Michele Vianello - International Policy and Research Officer, Royal Town Planning Institute

Michele Vianello is the International Policy and Research Officer at the Royal Town Planning Institute, coordinating the Institute’s engagement with UN-Habitat as well as the relationships of the Institute with other international planning organisations and the FCDO. He holds a PhD in Planning from the IUAV University of Venice. He worked in planning for international development with the NGO Slum Dwellers’ International in Kenya; and as a consultant for USAID and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in the Western Balkans.