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Sir Peter Hall Award for Research Excellence Commendation

Circular Cities: A Revolution in Urban Sustainability

Professor Jo Williams

(University College London, Bartlett School of Planning)

Research Description

We have reached a pivotal time for cities, their sustainability and patterns of growth. Cities face multiple emergencies as we emerge from a pandemic. We need to find more socially equitable, low carbon, healthier, resource secure urban solutions, which will respond to these times. Circular development may provide that solution. This research is the first to consider circular cities and circular development. Thus, the book “Circular Cities: a revolution in urban sustainability” breaks new ground. It also highlights the critical role planners will play in the implementation of the circular development path.


Full Entry Title

Williams, J., 2021, Circular cities: a revolution in urban sustainability, Routledge: London.

The Judges Said...

The book clearly shows how city planners can help drive the circular economy agenda forward to reduce negative impacts and unlock economic, environmental, and social benefits. The judges praised the breadth of material, its relevance and the accessible and clear way these complex ideas were presented in a compelling and engaging way.