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Sir Peter Hall Award for Research Excellence Finalist

Community-led Regeneration: A Toolkit for Residents and Planners

Dr Pablo Sendra

Dr Daniel Fitzpatrick

(University College London, Bartlett School of Planning)


Research Description

Through seven London case studies of communities opposing social housing demolition and/or proposing community-led plans, Community-Led Regeneration offers a toolkit of planning mechanisms and other strategies that residents and planners working with communities can use to resist demolition and propose community-led schemes. Together, these case studies represent a broad overview of groups that formed as a reaction to proposed demolitions of residents' housing. The toolkit includes the use of formal planning instruments, as well as other strategies such as sustained campaigning and activism, forms of citizen-led design, and alternative proposals for the management and ownership of housing by communities themselves.

Full Entry Title

Sendra, P. and Fitzpatrick, D. 2020. 'Community-led Regeneration: A Toolkit for Residents and Planners'. UCL Press: London.