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Gillian Dick

The Planning Practitioner Award finalist

The Impact Assessment Guidebook

Gillian Dick MRTPI

(Co authors:  Rania Sermpezi, Glasgow City Council, Dr. Adina Dumitru and Dr David Tomé Lourido, University of A Coruña, Department of Psychology)

Glasgow City Council, Development Plan Group

Research description

The Connecting Nature Impact Assessment Framework, developed by the University of A Coruña and Glasgow City Council, is a process aimed at supporting cities in developing and successfully implementing robust monitoring and evaluation plans that can deliver systematic and comparable evidence as to the effectiveness of Nature-based solutions (NBS). This framework represents an essential tool for adapting NBS design and implementation in real time. The Connecting Nature dashboard in Glasgow has been created to visualise and increase the access of colleagues to data in order to help with decision-making and project planning work.

Social Media: @GlasgowCC @ConnectingNBS @gilliannd