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International Award for Planning Excellence

International Award for Planning Excellence

The International Award for Planning Excellence category invites submissions from outside the British Isles. The project can fit into any of the other project categories, but if outside the British Isles it must be submitted in this category.


Projects completed in the two years prior to 1 January 2022 are eligible for entry, even if the planning component was completed years prior. Care should be taken to avoid entering schemes prematurely before they can be satisfactorily assessed. We recommend projects are completed or sufficiently completed in order to be assessed fully against all the judging criteria and other submissions.

Judging criteria

Judges will be asked to assess schemes on the following criteria:

Outcomes for People and Communities:

How has the scheme improved/made a positive impact on the local economy

  • How has the scheme made improvements for specific groups e.g. people with physical disabilities, families, young people, Black, South and East Asian and ethnic minority communities
  • How has the scheme made a positive impact on health and wellbeing e.g. solved problems/challenges with access to open space
  • How has the scheme addressed issues of gender mainstreaming e.g. safety in public realm
  • How has the scheme addressed any issues of inequality

Outcomes for climate action:

  • How has the project, as completed, mitigated against climate change?
  • How did the project (in delivery) mitigate against climate change?
  • What targets did the scheme have for climate change and have those been met or exceeded?

Outcomes for Sustainable development:

  • How does the project meet UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Planning contribution:

  • The centrality of a planning practitioner(s) to the project
  • How planning tools have been used to deliver positively

Community Engagement:

  • How did the scheme engage with local communities?
  • How that engagement affected the final scheme delivery
  • How inclusive was the community engagement

Leading Practice:

  • Value for money
  • Complexity of the brief/degree of difficulty and creative and innovative response to the brief
  • Timetable – was scheme delivered on time
  • Is an exemplar that is transferable across the UK and Ireland

If you have any questions, please view our FAQs.