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Northern Ireland Programme for Government

Framework Consultation

The ‘New Decade New Approach’ (NDNA) document set out the process and approach for developing the Northern Ireland Executive’s Programme for Government (PfG). The key points were that the Programme should be developed through engagement and co-design, using an outcomes-based approach; focus on prosperity and wellbeing for all; establish a shared and ambitious strategic vision for the future; and provide for accountable and transparent monitoring and reporting arrangements. The Executive’s approach to the PfG begins with a draft Framework of Outcomes – statements of societal wellbeing which, taken together, are intended to capture the range of things that experience and research suggest matter most to people. It is these Outcomes and their Key Priority Areas which were consulted on in 2021.

In our response we drew attention to the fact that planning can support many of the key priority areas and deliver outcomes but planning as a valuable public service was not acknowledged. 


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