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Comprehensive Spending Review

RTPI Summary response

Summary of the RTPI response to the Comprehensive Spending Review

September 2020


This is a summary of the RTPI response to the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR). The CSR sets out Government spending ambitions.

In this paper we: 

  • Set out the Government’s plans for housing and infrastructure: further resourcing on planning will be essential for its efficient delivery;
  • Demonstrate that planning is currently underfunded;
  • Signpost forthcoming evidence of how investing in planning leads to direct economic benefits
    and also wider benefits to the economy, society and the environment;
  • Call for a Planning Delivery Fund of around £500 million over the four years between 2021-22 to 2024-25 which would direct investment into the priority areas of Plan Making; Design Quality; Digital Transformation; Monitoring and Enforcement; Wider Placemaking; Community Engagement; Net Zero; Capacity Building; and Joint Working;
  • Show that properly funding planning could mean it was able to achieve higher ambitions in outcomes such as health, housing, air quality and greenspace, with corresponding economic benefits;
  • Stress that currently proposed planning reforms will require significant further funding that goes beyond this core ask above because of the cost of running two systems at once and reskilling.

To read the full summary download here.


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