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Structure for Welsh Apprenticeship Frameworks

A response to Welsh Government

RTPI Cymru responded to this consultation in support of introducing a Chartered Town Planning Apprenticeship, which has been successfully rolled out in England. 

The response supports linking apprenticeships to occupations to ensure apprentices gain the specific skills, knowledge and experience they need to be successful in their chosen professional career. Where this aligns with the requirements for professional registration this can enable an apprentice to achieve professional recognition and be fully qualified at the same standard as other educational routes to ensure take up and support both within and across industries.  As the professional body for Planning in the UK, the RTPI would welcome the opportunity to develop Chartered Town Planner apprenticeship qualifications in alignment with existing roles in Wales.

The RTPI would welcome the opportunity to discuss the development of Chartered Town Planner apprenticeship qualifications. The RTPI believes in the importance of broadening the diversity of the talent pipeline into the planning profession afforded through apprenticeships, and the opportunities it offers to bring people in from under-represented groups and also from more rural communities.

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