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Lorraine Mullings: Election fever (RTPI Membership Elections)

Lorraine Mullings is the Governance Manager at the RTPI

The RTPI is caught up in its own election fever! A General Election was called last month and not to be outdone we’ve also entered our own election season, with the launch of nominations for the RTPI Vice President and membership of Board of Trustees and the General Assembly.

What’s it like to be on the Board of Trustees?

When you become a member, you will form part of the team that helps steer the RTPI and be a representative of your peers and the entire profession. Some of the projects you will be involved in include assisting with the delivery of the Institute’s strategic priorities and exploring ways in which the potential risks that could affect the Institute and the profession can be mitigated.

What about a role on the General Assembly?

The RTPI General Assembly is the debating team for the profession around the development of planning policy and practice, the corporate policy of the Institute and other issues relevant to the objects of the Institute. As a member you will be able to connect with fellow planners and explore some of the many ways the RTPI continues to support and promote the profession.

Our recently published General Assembly Debates Discussion Series report gives you an idea of the topics the Assembly looks at ranging from AI through to the future of the green belt.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to being a member of the Board of Trustees or General Assembly. It would not only benefit your career to show that you have been involved working at the heart of the profession, but also beings many networking opportunities which could help you to increase your own personal cadre of planners.

How much time would it take up?

Many volunteers find that they can fit in volunteering for the RTPI around their employment. For General Assembly and Board of Trustees roles you will be expected to read papers, attend meetings and participate in discussions. The Role Descriptions provide further information.

Many employers are very supportive and encourage staff to take up governance roles because they bring so many opportunities for personal and professional development.

What’s it like volunteering with the RTPI?

As a member of the RTPI everyone has the opportunity to get actively involved in the work of the Institute. People get involved for all kinds of reasons and progress on to different roles, depending on their interests. Some members have kindly shared their experience of volunteering.

Find out more about the 2024 RTPI Membership Elections

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