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Rhian Brimble: Continuing the conversation on resources in Wales

Rhian Brimble is Policy Officer for RTPI Cymru

Last November, RTPI Cymru published a new report, 'Building Capacity through Collaboration and Change'. The report explores the ways in which existing resources in the planning system in Wales can be used as efficiently and effectively as possible. It aims to continue the conversation and builds on other recent projects, such as RTPI Cymru’s Big Conversation, that make a case for improved resourcing of the planning system.

The report’s findings are based on a recent reviews of planning services and a series of workshops with selected stakeholders, led by Neil Harris at Cardiff University. The project identifies existing practices and potential changes to the planning system that could deliver greater effectiveness and efficiency within current resources. While the primary focus is on local planning authorities, the project also recognises that different stakeholders may be able to provide useful ideas and input to the project.

The report sets out several recommendations requiring a partnership approach across a range of organisations, including RTPI Cymru. 

The recommendations include a call for a review and re-establishment of a performance management and monitoring framework, alongside exploring the establishment of a planning improvement service for Wales, that can support the sharing of good practice, enhance efficiency and effectiveness, and facilitate common approaches, where needed.

Other actions recognise the need to promote the sharing of information on planning support systems being used in Welsh local planning authorities.  This would support commissioning or developing improved back-office support systems for planning in the future.

Skills are also identified, acknowledging ‘regional inventories of expertise’ as a useful way of identifying specialisms that input into planning. This, in turn could provide evidence and data to support future recruitment across the sector.  It also makes links with a further recommendation focusing on the building of thematic groups to enable early and mid-career planners to share experience and expertise. This could have a real impact in supporting the building of skills and confidence within the profession.

Collaborative working across various partners is essential in addressing the resources challenge in the planning system and it was therefore important to us to involve our wider membership in this continuing conversation. So over the last few months we have asked our members to get in touch with us with interesting and innovative ideas that can help deliver an efficient and effective planning system in Wales. RTPI Cymru is looking forward to reporting back to our members over the next few weeks, with an update report and outlining our future work on resources.  Look out for more information on our website and in our newsletters.

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