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Lorraine Mullings: Governance behind the scenes

Lorraine Mullings is the Governance Manager at the RTPI

My first month as the RTPI’s Governance Manager has been a quick start. But, as someone from a governance background with prior experience working in membership organisations and the non-profit sector, as well as having visited almost every prison in the English and Welsh prison estate through risk management and audit work, you could say I’m accustomed to the fast-paced nature of the job.

Working in governance is a unique experience. It puts you in a position where you get to work alongside senior management, executive teams, and senior stakeholders who represent the membership. You get to see what happens behind the scenes and what is needed to keep an organisation running.

On my first day at the RTPI, I attended the second Board of Trustees meeting of the year. It was an excellent way to get an introduction to the work of the Board and some of the issues they discuss and take decisions on. There was a healthy debate about the Institute's risk register, and it was a great opportunity for me to learn more about risk management.

Soon after the Board meeting, we focused on preparations for the second General Assembly of the year, which was held in Manchester. We had a lot of work to do to ensure everything was in place for the event. I had the chance to have a good conversation with the Chair of the Board of Trustees and met some of the General Assembly members.

The General Assembly was a superb event. It was great to see all the members engaged in conversations about the RTPI Corporate Strategy, the future of the planning profession, and the value of RTPI membership.

In addition to these meetings, I have been getting to know more about the work of the different teams in the Institute and meeting new faces. I enjoy coming to work in the offices at Botolph Lane, which is a nice part of London and located near some of my favourite shopping establishments. I can indulge in some retail therapy during my lunch break!

I have just completed planning for the next Board of Trustees meeting and have been working with colleagues to commence recruitment campaigns for a new Board member and a Governance Officer to join the new team.

These first few weeks have been enriching, and I'm learning so much. I'm looking forward to learning more about planning and getting involved in some exciting projects. I'm also excited to work with the Chair of the Board of Trustees to establish excellent working processes and provide an end-to-end service of secretariat support for the governance structure as a whole.

If you see me in the Botolph Lane, please come and say hello!

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