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Zoe MacGregor: We need you!

Zoe MacGregor is RTPI’s Volunteer Project Coordinator

To be honest, I think using ‘we need you’ for volunteer recruitment has been overused. However, in this case it’s true. Our Regional Management Boards (RMB) and National Executive Committees (NEC) need your expertise and help to oversee work in the Nations and the nine English Regions.

NECs and RMBs oversee a programme of locally based activity identified in our business plans, supported by members of the Regional Activity Committee (RAC) in England, Chapters in Scotland and various sub-groups. The RACs are also looking for new members to help deliver a wide range of activities and support RTPI members in each region.

In a recent RTPI webinar, about Diversity in Decision making at the RTPI, volunteers discussed their experience.

 “We all have such an important role to play, and the organisation is so vast that every individual makes a difference when they’re volunteering to give their own time. So, the more volunteers we have, the larger impact that we can have.”

Nicole McShane, London Junior Vice Chair and EDI Champion

When asked what would you say to someone considering volunteering, Ifeanyi Chukwujekwu, North East RAC and EDI Champion, said, “go for it”. Charlotte Mapanga, Yorkshire RAC, added: “There’s a lot of opportunities networking and what I also found interesting is that you can influence those planning topics of interest and you can get to put them on the platform for discussion and it’s just great I think.” Meeta Kaur, Vice Chair on the Board of Trustees and Chair of Nominations Subcommittee said: “It’s good to get up and get involved take part, change things, shape things and in the process, you learn a lot, you get a lot out of it, you meet a lot of people. You can expand your network as well. There are so many benefits, just do it.”

If you’re still unsure what you might get out of volunteering, active volunteers were asked this in the volunteer survey this summer. In terms of the personal impact, 81% reported that they have gained a greater sense of belonging to the RTPI and 73% said that it has introduced them to new people, experience and areas. Professionally, 80% of volunteers reported broadening their knowledge of wider planning issues and 81% reported having expanded their professional network. Volunteers also reported gaining transferrable skills and knowledge that are useful in the workplace and 77% said it was beneficial for Continued Professional Development.

If you’ve not volunteered with the RTPI before, the RMB, RAC and NEC are a great place to start. Or, why not take the advice of current volunteers and just go for it and nominate yourself here.


Interested in a role on the NEC, RMB or RAC?



Applications close at 5pm on Friday 7 October

Find out more about volunteering with the RTPI RTPI | Volunteering

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